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About Rami

About Rami Hannouf

Hi and welcome to my website. I am Rami Hannouf, a Visual Artist that carries a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Advertising. 

Photography & Filmmaking

Ever since I started studying and practicing Graphic Design, I had an eye for the photography part, I was astonished with the mechanism of the camera, it was like magic for me. When I studied arts I felt there is something missing without a photo that I can capture and manipulate on my own. Now after 18 years of experience I do Advertising photography/filmmaking, fashion, weddings, product, e-commerce, drone, interior & architecture.

Graphic Design & Art direction

My Passion for drawing and designing shapes started at early stages in my childhood.

I have more than 18 years experience in the Graphic Design industry, both digital and printed accounts, what I do and not limited to:

Catalogues, Corporate Identity, Branding, Marketing & Digital Marketing, Ui & Ux, Magazine, WebDesign, Logos, etc...